Click on the avatars to see the full-sized animations. These are much larger, than the ones on the first three pages, so they take longer to load, but they are worth the wait. You will find that Contemplation of them enables the Mind to transcend the mundane world...


34, 611K

Astral Breath

26, 338K


50, 228K

Crystal Dreaming

32, 621K

Seal of Solomon

30, 779K

Smoky Crystal

35, 325K


33, 215K

Amethyst Visions

8, 886K


18, 390K

Twenty Pedals

17, 247K

Pocket Universes

25, 573K

Star Portal

22, 742K

Merry Airbrakes

21, 770K

Yellow Surprize

49, 554K

Yellow Vortex

54, 516K


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