Click on the avatars to see the full-sized animations. These are much larger, than the ones on the first three pages, so they take longer to load, but they are worth the wait. You will find that Contemplation of them enables the Mind to transcend the mundane world...

Amethyst Geode

24, 789K

Bird of Paradise

21, 305K


16, 673K


15, 442K

Sun Storm

13, 669K

Green Mother Blessing

15, 208K

Jaracaranda Blossom

8, 293K

Celestial Circuitry

15, 614K

Rainbow Ripples

21, 178K

Blue Squares

18, 143K

Crystal Stream

21, 855K

Clouds in Space

16, 663K

Raja Yoga

14, 164K

Cascading River

24, 006K

Butterfly on a Rock

25, 695K

NASA South Pole

4, 702K

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The Gaian Dragon I Ching

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