Click on the avatars to see the full-sized animations. These are much larger, than the ones on the first three pages, so they take longer to load, but they are worth the wait. You will find that Contemplation of them enables the Mind to transcend the mundane world...

Sawtoothed Vortex

15, 576K

Pachnoi Flower Vortex

13, 602K

Catch a Rising Star

25, 730K


17, 606K


18, 358K

Fire Amethyst

18, 250K

Green Garden

16, 506K

Malachite Contours

15, 654K


12, 255K

Six Faces

17, 354K

Lovely Blossom

15, 654K

Blue Crystal Vortex

20, 517K

Hibiscus Vortex

12, 255K

Lavender Vortex

12, 255K


30, 706K


3, 577K

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