I had an email addy listed here for Industry people & perhaps fans to contact me. What happened was that it got harvested, and now that account has been filled with every sort of spamming con imaginable... and perhaps a few more. So I've taken that email addy off this page, and as the crooks fill up that email account again, I'm thinking of making a page listing them all, (perhaps by catagory) for your edification & amusement...

James Clair Lewis AFTRA

Height 56
Weight 150
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown


Jimmy Kimmel Live Show Stand-up Comedian/Dancer Jimmy Kimmel
The Ding Dong Show TV Blues Brother James Don Barris
Sutton-Taylor Feud Corky Pitkin Weller-Grossman
Mona Lisa Italian Art Dealer Weller-Grossman
Marilyn Monroe Dr. Greenson Weller-Grossman
Exorcising the Devil Lutheran Minister Weller-Grossman


The Tell-Tale Heart The Mad Man QTFX-Aardvark
Vendetta Brothers FBI Agent Rachel Gordon
Alien X Factor Senator Ulli Lummel


The Ding Dong Show Stand-up Comedian/Dancer Don Barris
Our Town Stage Manager Santa Clara Com. Theatre
Waiting for Godot Lucky Santa Clara Com. Theatre
The Crucible Rev. Parris UMass at Boston
Summer & Smoke John W. Newbury Theatre
12 Angry Men Juror #3 W. Newbury Theatre
The Odd Couple Felix Unger Nbtp. Com. Theatre


Argentine Tango Lead Dancer Felix Chavez


Ivana Chubbuck Studio
Chris Holder Advanced Scene Class
Bentley Mitchum Scene Techniques

Jim Whittle Misner Method

Van Mar Academy
Jeff Sable Business of Acting
Stephanie Feury Method Exercises
Jeff Rubens Camera Technique


Music : Voice (Baritone/Tenor), Composition, Harmonica (Classical, & Jazz)
Ballroom Dancing (Swing, Salsa, Mambo, Cha-Cha, Rhumba, Samba, Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz, & Disco)
Writing (Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comedy, Metaphysics, Political Philosophy)
Macintosh Computers, Graphics, Animation, HTML, & Webpage Design
Martial Arts : Tai Chi Wu Su (since 1973), Staff, Shim Gum Do (Broadsword)

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